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The All Natural Beard Oil and Beard Balm Sample Pack

WARNING: Most sample packs aren’t doing you any favors. Don't fall prey to "Free Sample Pack" offers. What you are about to learn will guide you safely to purchasing the right all natural beard oil and balm sample pack for you.

Facts About All Natural Beard Oil and Balm Sample Packs

All Natural Beard Oil Sample Packs

Sure, they pretend that they are. An all natural beard oil and balm sample pack might make big promises. It’s free! It’s going to entice you to buy more! It’s going to change the way you think about your beard! Then you try the sample pack and…well, it’s just not what the company promised. We wanted to change all that.

Free Beard Oil and Balm Sample Pack - Not From Us - Here’s Why

There are plenty of free all natural beard oil and balm sample pack products available out there. But guess what? Most of them have one of the following problems: • The “free” pack often comes with a condition, such as making a commitment to buy more than you want. By the time you try this “free” pack, you discover that you don’t enjoy the product and you wish you could take that purchase decision back. • The “free” pack doesn’t provide you with enough beard balm or oil to give you a true sense of what it would feel to put even one good dose on your face. How are you supposed to judge whether a product’s superior based on that? That’s one way a beard oil company can pretend to be transparent about its product quality—while actually hiding in plain sight. • A “free” pack doesn’t give you enough beard oil and beard balm, so you don’t get to experience how it feels when you’ve been applying the beard balm consistently. It runs out too quickly for that. Before you know it, you’re stuck with the tab to buy a product for yourself if you really want to try it. This all adds up to one thing: you getting ripped off on a “free” sample. Sound impossible? That’s why you need to rethink how you evaluate an all natural beard oil and balm sample pack’s quality.

What to Look For in a Beard Oil and Beard Balm Sample Pack

All Natural Beard Balm Sample Pack

With that in mind, let’s rewrite what a good sample pack does. A sample pack is just that: a pack full of samples for you to try. It’s there to give you a taste of what the experience of using a beard balm on a regular basis might feel like. Too often, the “free” packs available out there don’t give you enough to make a true evaluation. The truth is, they don’t want you to make a true evaluation. They want you to try a sample, get enticed by a nice scent, and then they want you to click on their website and buy more. They don’t necessarily care about how your beard feels, or how much your skin improves. They just want you to buy more. Don’t get us wrong; we’d be just as thrilled if you purchased a product like our Felled Wood Beard Oil because you loved our sample pack. But we also realize that the quality of a sample pack should go beyond merely “teasing” you with the potential of a product. We should also show you the potential of that product. That’s the different approach here. We want you to experience the full range of what you can accomplish when you use a natural beard oil or beard balm to protect your hair and protect your skin. We want you to notice the difference not after you use it just once—but after you’ve used it multiple times. After all, that’s where the true difference in quality starts to reveal itself.

What to Demand from Your All Natural Beard Oil and Balm Sample Pack

Have a look at our all natural beard oil and balm sample pack and see the difference. Notice that it’s not just one little “freebie” that won’t even last you a day? That’s because we want you to experience the difference for yourself. Yes, we want you to try a wide range of our products, and yes, we built a sample pack to be just a “taste” of that experience. But ultimately, it takes a little more for your buck to see what the real difference is between a low-quality beard oil and a high-quality, natural beard oil. But let’s dig into the details. What should you expect from beard oils and balms that you don’t normally demand?

• Natural ingredients. Some people don’t care about natural ingredients; they just want a good product. But you’ll often find that quality ingredients and a good product go hand-in-hand. That’s especially true for something that comes in direct contact with your beard and your skin. With natural oils, you’ll have a beard oil or balm that is far less likely to cause irritation and interfere with the growth and quality of your beard.

• Natural scents. This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how many beard oils and beard balms rely on lab-created “scents” to give their products the sensory experience of something natural. We create natural scents from natural ingredients, which means they’re a little milder—and much less distracting. Why is that so important? It means that you can wear our beard balms and beard oils to work, thus giving you more protection throughout the day. You won’t have to worry about “clearing out a room” because your beard balm is too strong.

Finally, you should demand that a beard balm or beard oil sample pack have enough “sample” in it that you can get a true feel for how the beard oil will fit within your routine. You should start to experience how it might affect your daily life. You should feel your beard getting stronger and feeling more comfortable and hydrated.

Put it all together and you’ll have a beard oil and beard balm sample pack that isn’t designed to tease you into buying. Instead, you’ll get a true sense of what we’re all about at Fatwood Beard Oil. You’ll experience the difference between natural ingredients and artificial ones. And, ultimately, your beard will thank you for the effort. After all, it’s your body—don’t look for freebies and shortcuts to make it happy.

Try One Of Our All Natural Beard Oil and Balm Sample Packs Today

Experience the fullness of growth and health that a quality beard can bring to your life. Try before you buy, choose either our all natural beard oil sample pack or our all natural beard balm sample pack, or both. You’ll be glad you did, we guarantee it.

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