Beard Combs Are An Overlooked Necessity For The Perfect Beard

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Beard Combs Are An Overlooked Necessity For The Perfect Beard

How do you achieve the “perfect” beard? Can beard combs help you achieve this perfection? We’re not sure how to judge perfection, but we have three factors that can help contribute to your idea of the “perfect” beard. The first thing to have when attempting to achieve the perfect beard is… patience. That wasn’t very exciting. It’s true, growing a great beard takes patience. The perfect beard doesn’t appear overnight. What next? In order to keep your face from being an itchy mess, and to deal with dry skin (AKA beadruff) you’ll need a good moisturizer. Besides offering the best beard combs on the market, Fatwood Beard makes a great line of moisturizing beard oils and beard balms.

Why Are Beard Combs An Overlooked Necessity

What’s the final ingredient to growing that perfect beard? There’s one more component that we think may be often overlooked, and we’ll spend some time discussing it below. So what’s the third factor? A great beard comb. Throughout the day your beard will take different shapes as it dries and is exposed to environmental elements. “Different shapes” is one way of saying it will go from a sculpted masterpiece, to looking like you drove down the road with your head hanging out the window. Another factor that can get your beard all out of sorts is the tendency you may have to play with it throughout the day. It is disputed, but some say that stroking your beard does in fact lead to deeper thought. We may have made that up.

Other Benefits For Using A Beard Comb

What are the benefits of using a beard comb? Besides the obvious (shaping your beard) there are some other benefits that we’ll discuss below.

For The Perfect Beard You Need To Use A Good Beard Comb

Beard Combs Are An Overlooked Necessity For The Perfect Beard

A good beard comb will help spread beard oil and beard balm throughout your beard. The thicker your beard is, the harder it is to spread oil throughout the many layers. Not only will a good beard comb help distribute the oils, but it will also help exfoliate the skin underneath your beard. Exfoliating and the addition of beard oil will help keep your skin nice and moisturized.

How To Buy The Right Beard Comb

A good beard comb will also have smooth teeth that will prevent snags that can occur when you buy a cheap, mass produced comb. Mass produced combs can have jagged edges. Jagged edges can lead to painful snagging and will also contribute to more “split ends.”

Beard combs and mustache combs help train your beard hair for your desired growth shape. A small mustache comb will help you train your mustache hair so that it is shaped around your lips, and not growing into your mouth. A larger comb can be used to help reduce stray hairs that may rear their ugly heads from time to time.

There are lots of different kinds of beard combs in the market. Some combs are cheap plastic, and other combs are made of various types of wood, metals, or other materials. The one thing that most of these combs have in common is that they’re mass produced. Most combs that you find online come from the same place, and even though they may have different name on them, they were more than likely made in the same factory overseas. We aren’t knocking mass produced items. We understand that companies are tempted to buy an imported item for $1 and sell it for $15. That’s not us.

Why Fatwood Beard Company Offers The Best Wooden Beard Comb For The Perfect Beard

Where can you find a high-quality beard comb? Fatwood Beard Co. offers our HANDMADE MULTI WOOD BEARD COMB. These combs are made in small runs by a local craftsman. Unlike mass produced combs, each of our wooden combs has its own unique wood grains and patterns. We can guarantee that none of our wooden combs are identical.

Do your beard a favor and pickup one of our wooden beard combs. Your beard will thank you and you will be on your way to having the perfect beard.

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