The Future

The Future

Things are changing at Fatwood Beard Co., in a good way. For the past three years I’ve been running the Fatwood group of companies by myself. I put off hiring people because Fatwood Beard Company is my passion project. Now the time has come to bring on more people so that Fatwood Beard Company and the other group of Fatwood companies can grow. Below are some important updates.

Our “Free Offers” are ending after this weekend. They have been a nice way for me to build the brand and connect with my customers, but it’s not profitable. Our beard oils and balms are the best in the marketplace, and our apparel is top quality as well. The t-shirts that we give away are manufactured for other big-name global brands that charge $30-40 a t-shirt. We will continue to give away free face covers with purchases until the current crisis is over. Our hats are free with a $50 purchase this weekend as a way to say thanks to all of our awesome customers. Also, returning customers will be receiving a coupon code (date to be determined) that starts next week and let’s them continue to get a free t-shirt with a $30 purchase until the end of 2020. You will need to use the same email or phone number that you placed your order with so that our site will recognize you and allow you to use the code.

Fatwood Fred is leaving Fatwood Beard Company. He’s taking off on his own to see what kind of big things he can do in the world. Make sure to follow him on social media so you can keep up with whatever adventures he has planned.

The Fatwood apparel line will now be carried under Fatwood Clothing Company. We’re branching out so that we can include designs that appeal to more of our customers. We have a lot of women that like our style and it’ll be nice to have options for them as well as just super cool designs for everyone. Follow the Fatwood Clothing Company story by following us on social media @fatwoodclothingco

Thank you all for supporting Fatwood Beard Company. Without you, there wouldn’t be any Fatwood companies.

I look forward to the upcoming journey and I hope that you all will come along for the ride!




AKA Fatwood Fred

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