Black & Red Short Sleeve T-shirt

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Your beard is more than just a group of hairs that come out of your head. It's the synergy of how you want to look and how you want to live. It's a statement of style, of manhood, of saying "this is how I choose to look, and I'm darned proud of it."

With that in mind, we'd like to introduce you to another fashion statement: this T-Shirt with the Fatwood Logo. This one comes in Black/Red, giving you an alternative to our brighter option. It's great for lounging around the home, heading outdoors, or putting together a style that says "I know I have a glorious beard, and I'm proud to show off that fact."

We also hope you'll be proud of our brand: a beard oil and balm brand that uses natural ingredients to soften your beard without irritating the skin. Isn't that something that deserves being put on a T-shirt?

• M-3XL
• 50/50 Cotton/Poly
• Ringspun Cotton
• Preshrunk