Morning Wood Beard Oil

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You know the morning routine: get up, brush the beard a little, grab a cup of coffee. But what if treating your beard could be part of the morning routine?

We'd like you to meet Morning Wood Beard Oil, a beard scent that we create with real coffee beans. There's nothing quite like that kickstarting coffee scent to get yourself in the waking mood, which is why Morning Wood Beard Oil is like a natural wake-up call for your face. You don't have to be a morning person to enjoy a top-shelf beard oil with strong notes of vanilla and cedarwood added. You can just apply it and enjoy.

Why start off the day with a beard oil of all things? In addition to its strong coffee notes, treating your beard to a proper treatment in the morning will give you a head start on the day. It won't only keep your beard in check, but it will give you the confidence and long-lasting comfort you need to enjoy a full day started on the right foot.

Or, in this case, the right beard. 

Key Essential Oils - Coffee, Vanilla and Cedarwood