Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Ever wanted to stand behind a brand you could believe in? Then we invite you to check out this T-Shirt for Fatwood Beard Co. Not only is it an original logo that will separate you from the crowd, but it will demonstrate your commitment to living the bearded man's lifestyle.

Okay, maybe it won't actually have that kind of statement attached to it, but admit it: you've always wanted a T-shirt with a brand that made people ask you more. And when they ask you can tell them all about Fatwood: about our non-gritty, natural ingredient based products. Or you might simply say "it's my favorite beard oil." Go ahead, choose one option. Either one is just as good.

Enjoy this T-Shirt with the Fatwood logo in Heather Green in the size of your choice. You'll not only have a great, high quality T-Shirt, but you'll be making a friend with us.