Morning Wood On-the-Go Beard Balm 3 Pack

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Let's face it: mornings are busy. You barely have time for a morning cup of coffee, let alone the time to spare to give your beard the treatment and protection it so richly deserves.

That's why we crafted the Morning Wood On-the-Go .25 Ounce Balm Pack. These three tubes of Morning Wood Beard Balm are the perfect way to ensure that you never lack for good beard balm wherever you may be going- whether that's to the job site or simply relaxing on the weekends. This invigorating beard balm includes notes of coffee that help wake you up so your beard has the best possible start to the day. And if your beard is happy, you should be happy too.

There are few ways to start off a day better than with notes of coffee and vanilla, blended with cedarwood, which is why Morning Wood just may be the ideal choice for your morning beard treatment.

Package of three. Take your favorite scents with you anywhere you go. These convenient .25 Ounce tubes easily fit in your jacket or pants pocket. The best part? The balms are specially formulated to have a high melting point, so you don't have to worry about them melting in your pocket!