Beard Balm Sample Pack

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Maybe you've browsed through our selection of Sweet Woods, Firewoods, Driftwoods, and more. Maybe you're like us and you simply can't pick a favorite. Maybe that's a normal thing. So what's a normal, bearded gentleman like you to do? Simple: pick up a Beard Balm Sample Pack to find out which natural beard balm is best suited for your individual beard- and which scent best matches your individual style.

These balms come in 6 .25-ounce tubes, giving you just enough of each to give each one the old college try. With a total of  1.5 ounces of beard balm, you won't finish off the pack quickly. The scents included in the pack are:

  • Original Beard Balm
  • Driftwood Beard Balm
  • Felled Wood Beard Balm
  • Morning Wood Beard Balm
  • Sweet Wood Beard Balm
  • Firewood Beard Balm 
If you haven't been able to find a non-gritty, non-irritating solution for your beard, this is the ultimate sampler pack. Our balms are made from natural oils and won't irritate your beard; they'll only leave a warm, embracing residue of comfort behind.